Telephone Consultation

Are you stuck with deciding the next step for an idea or the solution to a problem in your business?

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Sometimes great ideas as well as problems arise in your business and you’re looking for an unbiased second opinion. For $87, you and I can talk for up to 45 minutes about your idea or problem and make sense of what to do about it.



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Examples of how clients have used sessions are:

    • Adding a new employee
    • Firing a long time employee
    • Buying another lesson horse
    • Marketing a riding lesson program
    • Dealing with a problem customer
    • Raising rates for board, lessons or training
    • Calculating net income from boarding business
    • Establish a standard rate sheet
    • Bookkeeping software
    • Trucking fees
    • Employment agreements
    • Building indoor arenas

Here is what one client said about her 45 minute session concerning her business:

“Thanks again for your time and insights. We truly appreciate it and feel re-energized to tackle the challenges of our business.




Set up your appointment and we can talk about you and your business and how you’ll make this year a year of change. You can set up an appointment right now online. Pick an available date below!  I will send you a confirming e-mail and instructions.

All appointment times are Eastern time.

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