Purple Business Remarkability

I was thinking about the need to create remarkable businesses as I was driving to the office the other day.  I have been living in my house for over twenty years and there is only one route to town.  After arriving at the office,  I attempted to recall a mental picture of every house I passed on the first mile of the trip.  Keep in mind that I have driven this road thousands of times and a portion of it is farmland.  Amazingly, I couldn’t do it.  The plain houses, the white 3 bedroom ranches, the dated cape cods, would not all come to mind. 

Recognizing the exercise first as being a sad report of my observation skills, the better conclusion is that every business  that resembles a white 3 bedroom ranch is doomed to a legacy of never being noticed.

In a Seth Godin moment, everyone knows where the purple house is in their town.  Is you business purple?